“It’s not the naïve who believe the unbelievable; it’s the naïve who think that they have understood everything.”

With these words, uttered first by my esteemed friend and colleague, Richard Steinwinkler, I would like to welcome you to the new online headquarters of the Adventure Club of Europe.

After much rigorous internal debate, the decision was reached that, for the Club’s 300th anniversary, a resource would be created for those outside the club eager to get a look into our traditionally closed archives. We do this because we strongly believe the world has a right to take part in the extraordinary and touching experiences of our members.

Contained within the pages of this site you will find some of our most interesting, exciting, and often controversial expedition reports from the last three centuries.

Some of the materials you will find, dear readers, may seem fantastical or unbelievable but I give you my word, they are all true. The entire Club stands behind each and every word contained within these (digital) walls now open to the public.

As the 21st President of the ACE, it fills me with great pride and humility to play my part in shaping the future of this extraordinary club.
To the next 100 years. There is still so much yet to be discovered.

Johan Malus

“Innovation emerges in three stages. First people deny it, then they belittle it, finally they act as if they had known it all along. Let us be the innovators.”

Bartholomeus van Robbemond



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Some of our Greatest


News from the Club

  • 30.10.2019

    ACE President Johan Malus temporarily suspended

    The Adventure Club of Europe announces on its own behalf that Johan Malus, President of ACE, has temporarily been suspended at his own request. In the course of internal investigations, a case is being brought against Mr. Malus, of which he does not want to…


  • 14.07.2019

    Special exhibition of Krønasar ‘Rulantica’ opens on 17th January 2020

    The Adventure Club of Europe looks forward to the opening of the special exhibition ‘Rulantica’, which will be hosted by our esteemed friends and companions of the Krønasar Museum. No less than the entire fabled island has been recreated based on mystical records, maps and…


  • 03.02.2019

    The ACE invites all to a historical expedition in the footsteps of Bartholomeus van Robbemond

    Much has been written about the founding father of the Adventure Club of Europe – and even more was rumored. Disrespected, underestimated, dreaded and deified: Bartholomeus van Robbemond. In his spirit, the ACE travels the world today: with courage, passion and open eyes for the…


  • 13.11.2017

    ACE gets movie music

    To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Adventure Club of Europe, it was unanimously decided on 5th June 2016 to have the club compose its own anthem. The impressive piece of music has already been used at this year’s summer festival, as well as in…


  • 14.09.2017

    Discovery of the Tre Kronor, proof for the existence of Rulantica

    The ship Tre Kronor, which was believed to be lost 500 years ago, was netted literally by Captain Finn Olson coincidently. This is how a trawl net made the most sensational discovery of modern age. The Tre Kronor, sent out in 1557 by the Swedish…


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